Austin Martineau

Research and Writing Attorney for Hire

At this time I am not accepting any new clients because I have accepted a clerkship at the Court of Appeals. I will get back to contract work in August or September 2018. Cheers, Austin.


I have used Austin Martineau on a number of occasions for contract research work. Austin impressed me deeply with both his research skills and his ability to convey his findings. I can't think of anyone I've dealt with who has wowed me more in those abilities. I found him to be highly efficient and right on point.

Isaac D. Paxman, Attorney in Provo, UT

As a law clerk, Austin quickly proved to be hard-working, dependable, thoughtful, and thorough. His research memos were insightful and superior in quality to those of his peers.

Austin especially was adept at churning out memos at a record pace. Clearly, he is no stranger to effectively dealing with high volume without sacrificing the accuracy, thoroughness, or quality of his work product. My colleagues and I referred to Austin as "the star of the group" and "a memo machine."

Adi Dynar, Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona